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The Black Friday is coming. It's hard to believe the Christmas is just behind the corner. With all the lockdowns and restrictions in place, this year flew by the way too quickly. When it comes to Black Friday, I usually write down a list of things, I want to buy and would buy them even for a full price and then I just buy it on Black Friday. The chances are, I will save some money compared to what I was about to pay initially thanks to the amazing Black Friday Makeup Deals. Today I would like to share my Notino Black Friday shopping list with you all and perhaps inspire you to do some shopping yourselves. 

1) N°5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner from Olaplex

Olaplex was on my shopping list for ages but I am glad I waited until now. I don't think I was able to fully appreciate its features if I tried it a while ago. This year I started to take proper care of my hair and I am more familiar with my hair's needs. And with hairdressers closing down again, there is no better time to try this iconic brand. 

2) Lash Paradise Mascara from L'oreal

I love this mascara. Lash Paradise from L'oreal is the best thing that happened to the drugstore makeup this year so I will be stocking up once the Black Friday comes around. I am also having my eyes on the new Air Volume Mega Mascara. 

3) Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Serum from Vichy

I have mentioned this serum several times on this blog and after more than two years of trying on new skincare, this serum remains my favourite. It suits my skin very well. The serum gives my skin a hydration boost and preps it for the whole day ahead. This serum is, in my opinion, ideal for normal to dry skin that gets dehydrated from time to time.

4) Purito Centella Green Level 

It may sound weird talking about SPF when slowly approaching December, however, we should be protected from the sun at all times regardless of the temperature outside and that's why you should never forget to use sun protection every single morning. I really want to buy myself the unscented Centella Green Level SPF 50 cream. I have heard so many great things about this cream and since my current SPF cream is running out, I am definitely going to give Purito a go. 

Do you have your Black Friday shopping list ready? 

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