YSL: The beauty of Couture Eyeliner

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In the past few years, me and eyliners were 'on a break' but if 2020 thought me something, it is to make sure my eyes are stealing the show (the joy of facemasks). I got pickier when it comes to mascaras and other eye makeup. Moreover, I re-discovered the magic of eyeliners. This time, I started reaching more and more for coloured eyeliners rather than just the old black classic. My current favourite is an eyeliner in bronze colour. 

I want my makeup to last the whole day and thaĆ„s why I decided to go for a liquid eyeliner from a high-end brand. I am not saying that the drugstore brands cannot do the same job but I think it is more likely the product is of decent quality if it’s from an established high-end brand. Couture Eyeliner from Yves Saint Laurent comes in many different shades. I picked the shade 17 Daring Bronze. The colour is perfect. It is intriguing enough to make my eyes stand out while it gives a touch of softness to the whole makeup look. And I think this colour, in particular, goes well with blue eyes. 

The applicator is amazing and I wish more brands would replace their brush eyeliner applicator for something more precise. The applicator is a stiff rubber stick rather than an actual brush and as I already said it is very precise. I find it really easy to apply the eyeliner evenly without any struggle. 

No primer or powder on the eyelid. 

The application is easy and the eyeliner gets dry quickly. It does not get smudged and stays on for a whole day - however, I find it somewhat better when I use it on top of eyeshadow or even just a powder. On its own, the eyeliner can get inside the fine lines on the eyelids and it does not look very good. It’s nothing a touch of powder would not fix.

I used this eyeliner to create a Ravenclaw inspired eye makeup.

Overall, I love the colour of this eyeliner and the applicator is one of the best I have tried because it is so precise and easy. It’s a decent eyeliner (if you let the issue with fine lines just slip by) but I would expect nothing less from a pricey brand such as YSL

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