Physicians Formula: Is it worth the hype?

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I wanted to try some products from Physicians Formula for a while now and I finally decided that it is a time to review some products from this brand. I have to admit apart from the iconic Butter Bronzer I did not really know what else to test but since I am a proud owner of only about seventy lipsticks... I decided to test the Healthy Lip velvet liquid lipsticks as well. 

Butter Bronzer 

I was soooo excited to try this. Everyone kept going on about how good this bronzer is and I wanted to know what the fuss is about.

The shade selection is rather strange. The lightest shade looks very much like setting powder and although I am usually reaching for anything with the word "ivory" in it, in this case, I pick the medium shade called "Sunkissed". It turned out to be a suitable shade for my skin and I would advise checking swatches before you order this bronzer. 

The bronzer comes in a plastic container with a mirror and some sort of spongy applicator which I find utterly useless. Overall, the design is very cute. 

There is a reason this bronzer has butter in the name. The powder formula is very creamy which makes it very easy to blend. The pigmentation is rather subtle, however, it can be built up to deeper contours. It stays on a whole day without becoming patchy. Overall I am very pleased. I started reaching for this bronzer more than for my beloved Hoola from Benefit as the Butter Bronzer looks better on my skin. I would 100% recommend. I think this is that kind of product and shade that will probably suit the rity of the beauty lovers, however, not everyone will enjoy the strong coconut scent of this bronzer. I personally like it because coconut is the best thing ever (after watermelon) but some people could find it too strong. 

The Healthy Lip 

I have here two different shades - All-Natural Nude and Coral Minerals. I will start with a shade All-Natural Nude. It is my favourite shades of them two. The colour is pretty, ideal for nude colour lovers such as me. The lipstick is creamy with a velvet finish. The application is even, fairly precise without any patches. Lipstick survives a lot on the lips but you will have to top it up a little after eating some food. This lipstick feels very light on the lips and it does not dry them out - hallelujah! 

The second shade is called Coral Minerals and it is very similar to the first shade. The formula is creamy and fairly nourishing. Only thing is that it would not stay on as long at the All-Natural Nude so you will need to top it up regularly. The shade is gorgeous so I am more forgiving. And once again, this shade does not dry out either so overall, another pleasant surprise. 

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