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There have been so many new arrivals recently that I do not even know where to start. It's been a while since I talked about any mascara on my blog so I decided to review three mascaras that appeared on the drugstore shelves in the past few months. 
All three mascaras are quite similar, especially when it comes to the applicator. The bristles are very fine and soft which suits my lashes the best. So we are off to a good start. Let's take a look at the new arrivals from L'oreal and Maybelline. 

Notino L'oreal Maybelline

The first mascara I will talk about today is Lash Paradise from L'oreal Paris. It is an American sister of Paradise Extatic and it finally arrived to Europe. Although Lash Paradise and Paradise Extatic should be exactly the same, I found slight differences between them. 

Notino L'oreal Maybelline

I remember being a fan of Paradise Extatic mascara, but I eventually had to stop using it because it was irritating my eyes. I do not have this issue with Lash Paradise so I like it better. However, the effect is the same - both mascaras give the lashes loads of volume and create an intense look. Lash Paradise does not smudge and thanks to the applicator, it does not make the lashes stick to each other so no worries - no spider legs happening here. 

Notino L'oreal Maybelline

The second mascara is Falsies Lash Lift from Maybelline. To be honest, I do not have many experiences with this brand. I tried a few products but nothing took me by my heart. However, I saw on of my blogging friends using the new Maybelline mascara and her lashes were PERFECT so I decided to give it a go myself.  

I am not even sure where to start. Theoretically, this mascara is the perfect mascara. It has a fantastic applicator with intense black colour and together they create lifted long lashes with loads of volume. But for any reason, it just does not look right when I use it. It works really well for some girls but it just does not look as perfect when I apply it. Together there is nothing wrong with this mascara and I still think it is decent enough but it did not suit my lashes, as well as I would like to. 

The last mascara is my favourite. It is the Age Perfect Lash Magnifier. from L'oreal. It is my very first mascara in brown colour. I was always convinced brown mascara is something outdated that could never possibly look any good. Well, I was wrong. The colour is dark enough to make the lashes stand out but the overall look is softer. 

This mascara is definitely one of my top three mascaras. The application is quick and easy and lashes appear very long and lifted while remaining looking natural. It does not smudge and it is super friendly to sensitive eyes. I like the Age Perfect mascara better than the Lash Paradise one mentioned above because the Age Perfect looks more like having lash extensions while the Lash Paradise one creates the "I'm wearing false lashes" look. Either way, L'oreal offers the best drugstore mascaras and can easily be compared to more expensive high-end brands. 


  1. Hodně se mi líbí ta první řasenka. Od Lorealu jsem ještě řasenky nezkoušela, stále si kupuji Maybelline, tak bych mohla někdy udělat výjimku.
    Povídání nejen o kosmetice

  2. Mne z drogérie najviac vyhovujú riasenky od Maybelline a v poslednej dobe som počula veľa chvály na Essence špirály :)
    What A Fancy World