As you may know, I struggle with a dry skin - not so much when I am in Aberdeen which is a town by the sea, but whenever I go home to the Czech Republic, my skin starts acting out and finding a product that would work well with my skin is a struggle.

I was lucky enough to receive some products against dry skin from to test. This brand was recommended to me by La Tereza and she was kind enough to pass my details onto their PR team. Also, big shoutout to for sending me the parcel from the Czech Republic to the UK which was not cheap.

Few words about the company. This brand comes from Greece and it is known for their 100% natural products that don't contain any water, chemicals or preservatives. Products are not tested on animals and they are inspired by ancient recipes for skincare and cosmetic products.

My favourite product is the body cream with olive oil, jasmine and sandalwood. Lately, the tattoo on my arm started acting out. The skin is very dry and the tattoo is itchy which would be pretty normal for a reaction if I did not have this tattoo for three years already. I tried everything I had at home but nothing calmed and hydrated my skin as much as this cream from Bioaroma and from this experience I know, this brand is definitely worth it.

The body cream is very concentrated and it is ideal for dry skin - particularly for a summer after sunbathing (unless you want your skin to peel off). It is great to a sensitive skin as well.

Another product I have received is the 24h Face cream with beeswax, dittany, labdanum and mandarin. It is designed for a dry skin and I have to say it is actually for a dry skin, not like some creams from a drugstore that just pretend to be for a dry skin. I would even say it is too much for my skin when I am in Aberdeen but it will be ideal for my time at home in the Czech Republic.

And last but not least, I have here the Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel. This is another product that helps with my tattoo issues because it is designed for an irritated skin. Once again, it is very very concentrated and it calms the skin a lot. I would recommend it particularly for the summer because it will be full of sunburns and mosquito bites and this gel will save your butt (I mean skin).

If you are interested, you can find more information about the brand at and you can buy some of their goodies from Amazon.

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  1. Taky mám hodně suchou pokožku a tyhle produkty vypadají skvěle:). Díky za tip!
    Windy pink style

  2. Tam tie vyzerajú super, počujem o nich síce prvý krát, ale ďakujem za tip! ❤ xx

    Simona | l i v e i n f o x w o r l d

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