Hello my friends, lately I have been feeling very frustrated and it is a time to rant about it. I know I am mainly focused on beauty but everyone likes to bitch once in a while and today it is the time to rant about some shady people I would love to punch.

1) The first group of people I would punch are those people who go to the drugstore just to open a sealed product and try it on without buying it although there is a tester RIGHT NEXT TO IT! Are you wondering why there are never any products stocked in Superdrug? IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. It happens to me every single time I go to Superdrug. I see something I want to buy but I can't because everything is opened and damaged because some social justice warrior(a sophisticated version of a c. word. Thank you, Shane Dawson, for teaching me this phrase) opened it and ruined it. Fuck you!

2) People I would also love to punch are those people who trash others for drinking instant coffee. I am sorry, what? Are you seriously going to trash me for not being able to pay £3.50 our times a day you spoiled fuck?
And I would punch twice those "coffee lovers" who complain about people drinking instant coffee while the only "coffee" they drink is a triple caramel vanilla sugar-free chocolate almond milk latte with extra cream on top.

3) I would punch people who feel entitled to bring politics into any non-political environment or situation. In a short-term, I would destroy a whole Hollywood with my punch.

4) Superpunch also belongs to the people who ask you for your feedback on their project but are not really ready to take any hint of constructive criticism. I am not trying to trash your week but you asked me for my honest thoughts so there is no need to explain why I am wrong. DON'T ASK IF YOU DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!

5) And last but not least I would crush people who are trying to take 2 for 1 pizza deal from me and in particular those ones who claim that my appetite should be suppressed. FUCK OFF!

I promised myself I would not use any swear words but here we go. My blood pressure raised above the acceptable level so I am just going to meditate or something to calm down.

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  1. Taky nesnáším lidi, co v obchodě otevřou produkt, ikdyž je hned vedle tester...copak je to tak těžký:D? A krásné fotky:)
    Windy pink style

    1. přesně tak! Neustále okukuju produkty od Revolutionu, ale koupit si je nemůžu, protože jsou všechny otevřené -_- děkuju <3