As you may know from my social media, I have been invited to go to the Debenhams in Aberdeen for a pamper day and I am so excited to tell you all about it. Today I will share some great tips regarding a makeup and skincare I have learned in Debenhams that day.

1) How to hide the dark under eye circles

This is the most useful thing I have learned since I started wearing makeup. After applying the foundation, take a red lipstick and draw few lines in the area you want to cover. Blend the red in with your fingers and apply your concealer over it. The outcome is surprisingly amazing! I have been awarded this wisdom by a lovely lady from YSL counter and now I am sharing that with you all.

1) Apply a red lipstick under your eyes. It does not matter what shade of red you use. 

2) Blend the lipstick in with your finger

3) Cover the pink area with the concealer

4) Done! 

2) Clarins has a day spa!

I really like having a facial done, but I have not really found a place in Aberdeen I would really like and visit regularly (nothing to do with me being poor af lol). Until my pamper day in Debenhams, I had no idea that Clarins day spa is a thing. I had a great facial there that really really really woke my skin up and now my ultimate goal is to make enough money to be able to treat myself with a facial there every month.

The Clarins spa offers a wide range of signature facials such as Lifting Replenisher, facial treatment such as aromatic balancer, signature body treatments, massages and specific treatments, waxing and they also have a selection of Men's treatments. You can find more information about the services offered by Clarins here.

3) Sparkly eyeshadow as a decent highlighter

As I already mentioned, I had my makeup done at the YSL counter and I learned a lot in there. One of the things revealed to me was, that highlighter does not have to blind anyone and if I want just a decent highlighter for everyday makeup, I am going to do well with an eyeshadow. Give it a try, it works well.

My eye makeup never looked so good! 

4) Little touches are everything

I have never worn any mascara but the black one. I never really understood why would anyone have the desire to buy a green mascara but I finally get it. When I had my makeup done, the final touch changed everything. The lovely lady applied a little bit of pink mascara on top of my lashes and it just put the look into a completely new perspective.

This day was just awesome and I would definitely recommend visiting Debenhams to have your makeup done by a professional. Even if you can do your makeup pretty well, the makeup artist working at the counter will teach you where to apply different products. We all watch youtube but everyone looks different and some people should apply their blusher higher on their cheeks than the others and the makeup artist is there to tell you. Plus, you will learn many great hacks exactly as I did!

PS: Do not forget, Clarins has a day spa but I will talk about it next time x

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  1. To je super tip, s těmi kruhy pod očima, určitě to vyzkouším:D.
    Windy pink style

    1. Určitě ano! Já jsem koukala jak blázen haha