Haircare: My return to Kerastase

* AD - Please note the products mentioned in this post were gifted to me for a review

I do not switch my hair care too often. I usually pick concentrated products so one conditioner lasts me for more than 6 months so I usually run through two bottles in a year or so and that’s about the time to make the change, at least temporarily. I have approached this time recently and I decided to re-visit haircare from Kerastase

I have already tried the heat protection serum spray from the Genesis collection that is designed to strengthen thinning hair and I really loved it. Two spray bottles later I made the mistake of going to a different heat protectant and I am stuck with it for about a year now because I know if I buy the Kerastase one again, the current one will go to waste as I will never use it again. So I have made a pact with myself to finish the current one and then return to Kerastase. I am yet to see the day of this bottomless spray finally approaches its final line. Anyways, back to Kerastase. 

Since I had such a good experience with the Genesis heat protection serum, I have decided to try the Genesis Fondant Renforcateur conditioner too. 

The conditioner comes in a 200ml tube. The conditioner is fairly concentrated but feels light on the hair. I use about two hazelnuts worth of product for my long hair so I will probably run through the bottle quicker than six months but I still expect to get at least 3 months out of the bottle. The smell is really nice, a little fruity but not chemical. The same scent is used across the whole Genesis collection. 

The creamy formula detangles my hair in 2-3 minutes and leaves it feeling thick and strong once washed out. After about 5 uses, my hair started to feel very silky to the touch and I am loving it. The conditioner does not leave my hair greasy and heavy. I think this conditioner is great for hair that is not too damaged. My hair is thin but otherwise healthy and I think it works well. 

I believe I switched my haircare routine at the right moment. I will eventually go back to my previous one but for now, Kerastase provided the refreshment my hair needed. 

Now that I tried conditioner and heat protection spray from this collection, I am keen to try out shampoo as well. For now, I am starting to test the Specifique Bain Divalent shampoo which is designed to deep cleanse and clarify the scalp. I am excited to see the results. And since I got two travel-sized shampoos from Kerastase, I get to try the purple Blond Absolu shampoo designed for blonde hair too. I shall report to you soon. 


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