Purito: Daily Go-To Sunscreen

 AD - Gifted for review

If you are even remotely interested in skincare, there is a chance you have heard about the huge SPF scandal that took a place year or two ago. A lab manufacturing SPFs was not completely honest when it came to the sun protection factor value and loads of popular SPF creams just disappeared from the market until this issue was fixed. Luckily, there is no longer such an issue but there was a brand particularly hit by this irregularity - Purito. Several of their popular SPFs were completely discontinued. However, Purito delivered a replacement product called Daily Go-To sunscreen with SPF50 and since everyone used to rave about Purito’s sunscreens, I decided to try the new one out too.

The SPF comes in 60ml squeeze tube and as already mentioned, it offers SPF50. It is a blend of chemical and mineral filters which results in a formula adjustable for every skin type.

The sunscreen is thick enough but it blends easily without leaving a white cast all over the face. It does not really provide any extra moisture which is something I actually like - I am not a huge fan of SPF creams that try to replace the day to day moisturiser because it rarely suits me. I would rather use my own moisturiser that I know works on me and then sunscreen on top of it. 

I know the damage to the reputation has been done but I can only recommend this sunscreen. It works perfectly fine, does not leave my skin greasy nor causes breakouts and it does not have any strong sunscreen scent. I unfortunately cannot compare this sunscreen to the old ones from Purito as I have never tried the old one but, as I already said, I am happy with the new arrival and will be coming back to it. 

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