I bought a house!

* AD - Products mentioned in this post were gifted

... well, I and my partner did. If you ever had to go through offers and mortgage applications, you know how difficult and stressful the whole process can be. I am happy it is all done. 

Ignore my supertired face but I wanted to share the first picture from our new house. Also, note the bottles are just for illustration. 

We have moved in just three weeks ago and to be honest, it took us nearly as long to fully unpack. You would not believe how much stuff can two people accumulate in one year... well especially in a year of lockdowns aka time to fill in the void by online shopping.

At the moment, I am trying to make the place feels nice and cosy, however, I do not have a great sense of aesthetics. There is one thing I have learnt tho - flowers and candles go with everything.

I usually pick from two brands, when it comes to the candles. It is either Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works. Both brands offer a great selection and everyone can find their match. Yankee candles are lighter in my opinion and are suitable for smaller rooms. I struggle with migraines and heavy and powerful scents are pretty much guaranteed to give me a headache. That’s why Yankee Candles are falling into a “fave” category. 

I picked the Beach Walk candle from the Returning Favourites collection that brought this limited edition candle back to life after being so popular in 2008. The scent is light and warm. I think it fits well into the ambience of my new house. I can have the candle on for several hours without being overwhelmed. The big jars offer about 115hours of burning time. It smells gorgeous and I am pleased with my choice.

Top Notes: Clementine, Ozone, Wild Mandarin

Middle Notes: Moss, Orange Blossom, Sea Salt

Base Notes: Orange Blossom, Musk

However, I must say there is a candle I love even more. Notino was so kind and sent me a home warming gift (head over to my Instagram to check it out) and one of the presents is a Linen & Lavender candle from Bath and Body Works. I love lavender scented candles as they are but the combination with the linen is just perfect. It makes the lavender fresher and breezier so it does not put me to sleep as much as lavender usually does. I cannot praise this candle enough. 

Composition: Sea Breeze, Sea Salt, Clean Accord, Sea Lavender

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