Vichy: Capital Soleil SPF50

AD - Product gifted for review

We are slowly approaching a middle of the summer (honestly... where did the time go!) and the heat is at its peak... for some areas of the UK more than for the others. Yes, I am talking about you Scotland. The lack of sun in the past few weeks was shocking! Anyways, since we are possibly looking at the option of late summer holidays, we should be looking for a decent enough SPF. 

Thanks to the skincare community, there are more sunscreen options than ever before and all brands are getting innovative delivering products that are supposed to make SPF application as easy and enjoyable as possible. Recently, all I was seeing on my IG feed was an AD showing me a new SPF body sprays from Vichy and I must say I was intrigued enough to pick one of them for a review. 

The Solar water collection contains five different kinds of the SPF waters. Two of them offer SPF50 and three of them are available in SPF30. You can choose from water for tan enhancement, hydrating solar water and antioxidant solar water (only available in SPF30). I picked the Capital Soeil SPF50 one for tan enhancement - use every bit of the rare scottish sun lol. 

It comes in 200ml plastic spray bottle. There are two layers of the liquid and the bottle needs to be shaken vigorously before application. 

It looks like a water, and it is as light as a water but it kind of feels like a sunscreen cream. I do not have to rub the water in (but I do just to make sure I cover every naked bit of my skin) and it is absorbed quickly. Surprisingly, the skin feels like I just applied a rich body cream - very nourished and hydrated but not heavy or greasy. It has a slight scent of the sunscreen but nothing too offensive. 

I am overly impressed. I am the laziest person ever when it comes to body lotions and creams and although I am extremely strict and use SPF on my face on daily basis, I rarely think of protecting the rest of my body. That is why I was on a hunt for any of these innovative lazy people friendly SPF waters and so far, I like this one the best. It feels like it gives me the protection from the sun (and I will tell you if that’s really the case in about a month time when I am in sunny Croatia). I also think this spray is fantastic to top up the sunscreen when I am about in a town - no need for lengthy application and rubbing with a thick white residue. That is another advantage of this solar water - it does not leave a white residue. 

As you can tell, I am happy with this product, and I will probably be repurchasing when I am off for my holidays.

Do you think this would be something you would like to try out yourself? Take an advantage of the summer black friday and get any of these solar waters 20% cheaper with a discount code “Summer”. 

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