Gift Guide: Gifts under £15

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Christmas is just behind the corner. It is a strange one for sure but hopefully little more special. As much as I hate the situation, I think people managed to slow down for once and hopefully will make the most of the Christmas this year.
For those of you who are not done with the Christmas shopping just yet, I have put together a small affordable gift guide. 

Emma Hardie: Merrily Moringa 

It's been a year since I reviewed the Iconic Moringa Cleansing balm from Emma Hardie. I understand the full-size pot of the balm is quite an investment. The Merrily Moringa gift set is ideal for a trial run. It contains a 15ml pot of the balm and Professional Cleansing Cloth. You do not need much of the balm to cover the whole face so the size of the pot is enough to last you for a two or three weeks. It is also ideal for travelling or for converting your friend to the club of double-cleanse lovers. 

How to use: Massage the oil-based balm into your face and then remove with the cloth soaked in the warm water. It will remove all your makeup and dirt. 

Notino: Beauty Bag 

I have been dying to try some of the Notino's own gift sets. The Beauty Bag contains two Brightening face sheet masks from Korika, Sugar Face Scrub from Saffee, Microfiber make-up removal pad from Notino and some Micellar water make-up remover wipes. The value is great! Just the well-beloved Sugar Scrub costs twelve pounds which is nearly the same price as the beauty bag so if you want to look like you spent more than you did, this gift set is the way to go haha. 

Make your own gift set!

There are many wonderful gift sets but if you cannot find the right one, you can build your own. Notino offers absolutely gorgeous gift wrapping for 4.39. You can pick any of the gift boxes at the checkout and then you can leave it all up to them. I decided to use this service myself this Christmas. I picked some products from Kneipp as a present for my boyfriend so he can relax a little. Kneipp offers some gift sets too but none of them was suitable so I had it wrapped in a beautiful red and gold box. It looks gorgeous. 

Do you have all your Christmas presents sorted or are you more of a last-minute shopping kind of person? 

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