AD -  some products mentioned in this post were gifted. 

Not that long time ago I have discovered the charm of cleansing balms when I got my hands on Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm and I totally fell for it. It removes all makeup and dirt so easily and it actually helps to nourish your skin as well.

Although I think Emma Hardie's balm is fantastic and the price is justifiable due to its high quality, I cannot afford to repurchase this balm at the moment. I started looking up guides and information about homemade cleansing balms and I have decided to create my own recipe for a cleansing balm perfect for my skin. 
The advantage of the home-made balm is, that with some information about different ingredients, you can custom the final product to your skin's needs. There are endless possibilities. 

For the base of my balm, I picked beeswax and organic and raw shea butter. They both can be replaced (cocoa butter pellets if you are vegan) if you want but both of these ingredients are very common to be used in cleansing balm amongst different recipes. I am going to stick with the beeswax because it is rich for Vitamin A and it has anti-inflammatory properties. I may replace shea butter eventually as I am not a big fan of its smell but my skin really thrives whenever I use shea butter-based skincare product. 

The oil part of the cleansing balm is where you can truly adjust to your skin. There are so many different oils that have different properties so your task is to find, which oils will complement your skin the best. It is also very important to find a good oil source and in this case, I trust Renovality the most. They have a fantastic selection of high-quality oils while they remain affordable. I picked the apricot oil, because it makes the skin radiant, soft, it prevents blackheads and it has anti-ageing properties. 

Another choice of mine was bio coconut oil. Not only it smells fabulous but coconut oil is a great moisturiser which is something my skin definitely needs. I do not struggle with acne but apparently, coconut oil is good way to protect your skin from harmful bacteria. 

Last but not least, I picked sweet almond oil. Well picked is not the right word. I added it because I had a bottle at my house. It has pretty much the same properties as the apricot oil and shea butter so it is not a bad choice either. 

Anyways, that's enough of me talking. Check out the recipe below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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  1. Moc hezký článek! Domácí výroby miluju, takže za mě super tip ☝🏼❤️
    Michaela Cheetah