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One of the perks of calling yourself a beauty blogger is that you can try loads of beauty products that you would not necessarily come across without being approached by a company that creates them. One of such products is a perfume called Aqua Citra from Beauty Brand Development. 

Aqua Citra belongs to a family of retro perfumes that have been brought back to life in recent years. This fragrance was very popular in the 70s but it was discontinued more than 30 years ago. In 2015, people at Beauty Brand Development decided to dig up the original recipe and re-create the same perfume. After the blessing from the creator of the original fragrance, Christopher Collins, the new version of Aqua Citra was re-launched.

The fragrance is everything you would think it would be. It smells like an old-school perfume and I would even dare to compare it to Chanel’s N°5 or even more accurately, original Miss Dior. It simply carries the weight of a heavy scent of all other older perfumes. I personally did not really like it at first but this perfume works with the natural scent of the body and develops nicely over time. The lemon and peach become more obvious and the fragrance transfers from woody to a citrus perfume that easily lasts the whole day.

You can get this 100 ml bottle of Aqua Citra from for £39,99.

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  1. Well written review. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Přijde mi, že to vypadá tak trošku retro a moc se mi to líbí! :)

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