Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

I don't know how about you, but I really struggle with finding the right present for my dad. I think loads of dads out there have everything they could possibly need and if they don't have it, they will buy it themselves. Dad's are not about the tiny silly useless things we girls love. They are practical which makes it impossible to pick a present for them. Finding the right gift is no longer about the money we should spend, it is about the idea and thought behind it. And let's be honest, dads are not that easy.
Here I present my father's day gift guide (Includes collaborations which will be labelled).

1. Perfume
(*Collaboration with Notino.co.uk)

Boring? Maybe. Practical? Always! You cannot go wrong with a good fragrance because that will always be used. The only issue with such a gift may be in selecting the ideal scent. I picked a few fragrances I liked the most from my dad's and my boyfriend's selection. My absolute favourite is the L'homme Ideal aftershave from Guerlain. The aftershave is suitable for any age and I think there are not gonna be many guys disliking this fragrance. It is fairly fresh, intense and quite manly. Guerlain also came up with two other versions of this fragrance - L'homme Ideal EDP, which is a heavier and spicier version of the original cologne. L'homme Ideal Sport is the exact opposite. It is even fresher than the original version and my bf is totally obsessed with that one.

Other perfumes recommended by my dad and my boyfriend: Armani Stronger with You, Coach Platinum EDP for men, L'homme from YSL.

2. Personalised gift
(*Collaboration with norma&dorothy)

I teamed up with a small stationery shop called norma&dorothy that offers beautiful personalised father's day gifts. Most of them are cheaper than £20 which is pretty good for personalised stuff. I picked this beautiful mug with my personal message. I honestly did not expect to like it so much, but the mug is just so cute. It costs £15 and you can pick a beverage of your choice (my dad likes coffee a lot but it can really be anything. The choice is yours). You can also add a bag of coffee for £7.50 or some tea for £5 to the mug.

Another great gift from this shop is a box full of 'reasons why we love dad'. I absolutely adore this idea.

3. Gin 

.. or any kind of alcohol your dad likes. My dad really likes rum, but I do not know one thing about rum apart from the fact that Bacardi tastes like a mouth wash. So I decided to talk about gin instead. I love gin and I am very pretentious about gin - I would not even touch Gordon's.. sorry. The best gin I've had so far is arguably Porter's gin. I may be biased, yes, it comes from Aberdeen and the owner of the distillery is also a lecturer at my uni, but even if there was no connection, I would love it. The taste is very refreshing and light and it really goes well with orange. It has a sweet tone to it with a tiny hint of bitterness that creates the perfect citrusy taste.

Picture was taken from www.portersgin.co.uk.

Another very good gin comes from Northern Ireland and it is called Boatyard Gin. The taste is unusual. It is also citrusy, however, it has the hint of spice in it and the end is sweet. Apparently, it is great with a wedge of grapefruit which I can actually imagine getting really well with the gin, but I had this gin with a lime only.

4. A dinner
(*gifted meal at Tony Macaroni in Aberdeen in August 2018)

Take your dad to dinner. I am sure he will be chuffed with the time you spend together  - he will probably appreciate the time to spend with you the most. However, make sure he likes the food. If he like Italian food, go to Tony Macaroni. The starters there are to die for and the portions are great (also orange daiquiri is AMAZING). I took my parents to Thai Khun and they loved it or if your dad like meat a lot, you cannot go wrong with TGI Fridays (Maggie's Grill in Aberdeen).

5. A book

 Me and my dad have a very similar taste in books. We read Harry Potter together and then we moved onto Dan Brown. I loved reading Dan Brown's Origin with my dad when I was on holidays with my parents last year. He read it in Czech while I was reading it in English. The discussions were awesome. However, if you are not sure what book he would like, give him either a voucher to the book store or write a list of his favourite books and ask for a recommendation based on the list. A magazine subscription could be also a nice gift.

6. Massage
(*PR events at Debenhams and The Studio Aberdeen)

I say it every time. Give him a voucher for a massage, facial or any other beauty treatment no matter how much he protests saying 'it's too girly'. He will love it. My dad loves massages, my boyfriend now does like massages too (he never had any before he met me lol), boys like massages and me time the same way us girls do. Clarins has its own spas across the whole UK, but every town has a great local beauty studio. When it comes to Aberdeen, I would recommend Clarins spa in Debenhams, Nailco or The Studio.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what are you giving getting your dad for a father's day.

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