We are slowly but surely approaching December and if you are lucky enough to attend any Christmas party as a guest and not as a waitress or bartender, you may be looking for some outfit inspiration for this season. I created a little Christmas Outfit picker which took me the way too long because I ended up dreaming of unlimited budget and being size 8. 

Source: ASOS, Primark, Top Shop, New Look, River Island, Nasty Gal, Notino. 

I love Christmas season mainly because shops always come up with really nice and classy going-out dresses even I can wear and the selection is always so wide. This year, I really like the selection of dresses from Asos (1 and 11). It is no secret that I love simple black dresses the most but I appreciate if a designer can give it the touch of "out-of-ordinary"

When it comes to going-out dresses, I think it is safe to say that if you are worried about something popping out even when you are sober, you probably should not wear that outfit on a boozy night. After a few mimosas, you will not be looking after your dress and it is very possible the whole office will know the colour of your panties or they will discover that you do not have your nipples pierced if you will wear this outfit. 

As I said I like black dresses the most but I really love seeing people in white dresses, however I am sure I do not even have to explain to you why is it a really bad idea to wear white dress to your Christmas party (food, lipstick, wine... and Jaeger also stains as hell). If you prefer coloured dresses over plain black dresses, I found two greenish dresses, one from Primark (7) and the other one from New Look (4). Primark is very weak this season, however, this dress looks lovely. The dress from New Look just screams Christmas with its colour and a bow. I like it a lot but consider it is strapless and you may consider whether you have something for the dress to hold on (basically, if you do not have boobs, I would avoid this dress). 


Shoes you wear to the Christmas party should be always comfy otherwise you will take them off once two shots of tequila kicks in and you will feel like rocking the dance floor. If you prefer very high heels, please pleeeease have a pair of flats in your bag. You do not wanna walk around a club bare feet. Trust me. I work in clubs. I've seen the floor in a bright light just after closing. 
I found very nice shoes very similar to the ones I wear to work and I can easily manage eight hours wearing them (6). They look simple and stylish (and you will be able to keep them on the whole night). 

When I was younger, I was obsessed with golden purses and although I do not own any at the moment, this obsession is still in me. I instantly started looking up golden handbags for this Christmas picker and I found this beautiful bag from Top Shop (10) which will go really well with any black dress. 

When it comes to jewellery, as much as I love rose gold, I associate Christmas with classic gold and therefore the colour of jewellery I picked for you is yellow gold. Earrings (3) match both green dresses and the shop offers the same earrings with a different colour of the stones. The bracelet (9) is simple but it is big enough to be noticed which is important when you wear a one-colour dress. 
A necklace depends a lot on the dress itself. I picked a golden choker (5) (and you have no idea how hard it is to find a nice looking choker these days) but it would not go well with dress number 11. 


I am not here to tell you which foundation you should use because that's something you should know yourself but I will recommend you a lipstick (2) that will last the whole night no matter how much you drink or eat. Lipfinity Liquid Lipstick from Maxfactor is a holy grail. It is one of the first liquid lipsticks on the market I have seen back in 2014 and I do not know why it isn't hyped more because it survives everything including standard micellar water. The only issue with this lipstick is that the choice of shades is limited but since Christmas is all about the red, you can grab this lippie (it is half-priced from Notino compared to other beauty shops). 

The perfume I would recommend is the Armani Sí Passione (8). I had the classic Armani Sí and I recently tried the red version and I like it even more. And I think it lasts even longer than the pink version. I think its scent is ideal for winter as it is heavier than the original version and again, it is red which is a colour of Christmas so, go ahead. Available from Notino.co.uk. 

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  1. Great post! Love dress number 1'

    1. Thank you :) I really like this dress too, I am on the edge actually buying them haha

  2. So in love with dress number 4! I saw it the other week when walking past new look and just fell in love with the colour for Christmas!
    Great picks

    Shona Marie xo