I always loved the posts from other bloggers that revealed what is inside their bags. For any reason, it is very entertaining to me to watch what people find essential and what they cannot peacefully exist without. Since I was gifted very beautiful beach bag from Notino, I was planning to do a similar post, however in a summer edition aka "What do I bring with me to the beach". I was waiting for a summer to come back for over a month but now I can tell that Aberdeen said goodbye to the summer long time ago and I kinda abandoned this idea in general.

Then I started going to the gym and at first, I was using my lovely beach bag as a temporary solution to a lack of a gym bag but over the time I realised it is actually perfect for my gym needs! It fits in everything and it is perfectly foldable so I have no issues whatsoever to fit the bag into the locker (unlike my regular handbags). 

I am going to talk about working out and a gym a bit more on my blog but for now, I will show you what do I bring to the gym with me which can be useful for everyone who is new to the world of the gyms. 

1. Proper shoes

I did not think I should mention this but at the same time, if you were not into sports and physical activities as a kid, you may not know that proper sports shoes are super important because bad posture usually has something to do with your feet. If you are going to run for an hour three times a week, the shoes have to be comfy and hold your feet well. If not, the back pain will be agonising. Then, you will associate a gym with something unpleasant and you will end up avoiding it. 

2. Spray/Deodorant

Who would have guessed that deodorants are important, right? Well, you would be surprised but some people back home in the Czech Republic are still not familiar with this concept of not being smelly. I would really not recommend using a public transport there in summer months. It is a hell on earth.

3. Towel 

I do not like showering in the gym and I always leave it for home but I always bring a towel with me for the case my face or hands or any other part of the body gets too sweaty. 

4. Headphones

... and phone or MP3 player. I personally use only the headphones in the gym since most of the cardio machines have a smart TV build in so I just watch Pewdiepie on youtube while I am running. However, my boyfriend lifts the weights so he is listening to his music. This kind of entertainment will make a huge difference to your workout. The music can motivate you more or in my case I usually forget about the time and I end up running for a very long time.

5. Water bottle

I probably do not have to talk about this much but if you work out and sweat, you need to drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated. 

6. Skincare

Ok, I know it does not seem super important to some people but as you know, I have really dry skin and although I drink loads of water, it is not enough. It is probably just a placebo effect, but my skin looks much better and less tired after using a hydrating cream on my face. I always bring a Beauty Elixir from Caudalie, Visionnaire correcting cream from Lancome and Cocoa Butter Formula hand cream.

7. Cosmetic Bag

Why would I bring a cosmetic bag to the gym you ask? It is for small items I want to bring with me for the running and stuff such as headphones, tissues or hand cream. 

8. Pound coins 

Majority of the lockers require a pound coin to be used, therefore always have one in your bag so you do not have to take all your stuff with you. 

9. Snack

To be perfectly honest, I do not have a snack in my gym bag because I usually buy a smoothie from the coffee shop that is in the Sports Village but I think it is important that you have the option for something sweet and sugary just for the case you start feeling dizzy after the workout. Sometimes when you do not eat enough or you are tired, the dizziness can appear and a granola bar can sort this issue out in a minute.

And what do you bring to the gym with you?

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  1. Tá taška je skvelá, ja si ju so sebou často beriem do obchodu alebo v nej nosím balíky na poštu. :D :)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage