Before I start, I want to make one thing clear. I am not getting married anytime soon and this post is purely about being a wedding attendee so for anyone freaking out (hi mum), looking for my children's names (hi mum) or trying to get us a deal on a band (hi mum), you can just calm down. We are not quite there yet.

I am officially at that age when everyone around you is getting married and you attend around five weddings per year. Luckily, this is an only second wedding in the past twelve months and the next one will be in the year time so I have time to sell my kidney because weddings are bloody expensive. Back home, the bride and groom pay for everything. Food, booze, hotel, everything (because let's be honest here, people would not come to the wedding if they had to spend much money. Lol, what a country we are). It is different in the UK.

This Saturday, two of my partner's university friends are getting married and we were invited to join the ceremony and the reception. I like weddings. I can get dressed up like a princess and I will look only partially insane. In all seriousness tho, I really like how the personality of the couple reflects on the whole wedding and I really enjoy seeing everyone's fashion choices and in general I feel far more classy then I actually am whenever I go to a wedding.

Speaking of classy, it took me absolutely forever to find the perfect dress that would be long enough, suitable to my body type and not cost a fortune. There are sales all over the place but try to be 5"11 with DD cup - unbelievably hard to find a dress that would at least fit if nothing else - I pretty much gave up on any other requirements such as colour. I was so desperate to find something to wear to the wedding that I would wear a dress from the Ru Paul's merch if it fitted well. And when all hope seemed to be lost, I found it. The dress I instantly fell in love with.

Unfortunately, the stress is not over just yet. Because I am a cheap butt, I refused to pay six pounds for the next day delivery and now I am just praying that the dress will actually arrive on Friday before 4pm (that is when we leave for the wedding). Am I dumb for not paying a little bit more? Yes. Is my inner Czech proud? Also yes. Fingers crossed it will be here and I will not have to go naked since it is inappropriate to outstand the bride. I am not saying that seeing me in my two-pound underwear from Primark would be a pleasant experience but I would probably drag the way too much attention so I hope ASOS will keep up their promises for the sake of all of us.

(This is not the dress lol)

Since I started talking about a decency, I am still not sure what kind of makeup is really appropriate for the wedding and I am still deciding which palette should I bring with me (well since we have a car and it is two of us traveling, it will be most likely all of them anyway) - Naked 3 from Urban Decay or the SophDoesNails X Revolution palettes. In general, I do not want to wear heavy makeup up - alright, the Estee Lauder Double Wear is not exactly light but we understand each other - I am not going to go for glitter and Instagram MUA-kind-of highlighter. In fact, my recent NOTINO PR parcel was specially handpicked for this wedding - Lancome Visionaire travel set with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is hopefully going to make my skin look perfect since the state of the skin determines how well the makeup will look like.

And the final question is - should I wear heels or not? It will be a long day but the dress will look much better with the heels and I also got new heeled shoes for work that are very comfy. Or should I just wear flats? I do not know! Ugh, wedding! Ugh, my height!

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  1. Veľmi ma pobavil začiatok článku, normálne som sa začala smiať. :D

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

    1. Jsem ráda, že jsem pobavila :D proto to píšu :)