Note this is a guest post and was written by the retailer QUIZ

Wearing prints, made easy!
Having trouble picking your prints? It's true that a great print or pattern can liven up your outfit, but
sometimes it can fall into OTT territory. Here to help you master the art of wearing prints and bold
patterns, sequin dresses retailer QUIZ has created this flawless guide:

Yes to that

Rule of thumb: pick patterns based on your outfit’s colour scheme.
For starters, try picking out a solid colour item from your wardrobe, then making your pattern pick
based off that. For something cool and stylish, match a pair of polka dot palazzo trousers with a plain
white crew neck and barely-there sandals to channel summer vibes. Or, tuck a pastel ruffle shirt into
a horizontal-striped A-line skirt for an on-trend look that’s suitable for work or play. Similarly, you
can tone down a loud pattern by layering a monotone blazer or fitted jacket over the top. To add an
edge of style and print to your wardrobe, consider patterned accessories such as bags, bandanas,
and belts.

Picking out similar colours for each item in your outfit will keep it controlled. A floral print that has
elements of pink in the pattern is enhanced by a solid coloured jacket that is the same colour as
the print. If you want to go for two printed garments, keep your fabrics in the same colour family or pick

two stylish prints that share a single colour. This ensures that your outfit doesn’t clash and is a safe
way of mixing and matching prints.

Don’t be afraid of wearing two different prints together though. Try breaking mixed prints up with a
neutral garment — channel boho vibes with a paisley co-ord jacket and skirt and separate the
patterns with a neutral cami top. Or separate polka dot pumps and a patterned jacket with plain
trousers. Similarly, you can also split up clashing prints with a chunky belt and cross-body bag.
Two items with the same pattern on can work too, when used correctly. One good way to do this is
to invert the colours if you’re using two of the same pattern. For example, if a white cami with navy
checks would pair well with a navy cami with white checks. You can also wear the same pattern
together with in a larger or smaller scale. Try pairing a high-waisted pair of slacks with a strappy top
that’s a smaller version of the pattern. Consider your jewellery in the mix too — if you’re wearing a
geometric printed top, opt for jewellery of the same pattern.

Maybe no…

It’s really down to your own confidence when it comes to wearing prints. There are a few things to
keep in mind though.

Try not to mix up different colour schemes in one outfit. Stick to one colour scheme and use it
throughout the full outfit — this helps your garments complement each other and prevents an outfit
that looks like it’s been thrown together!

Animal prints are tough to blend together. For this reason, pair animal print with solid coloured
pieces — try a leopard print cami dress with black t-shirt beneath and black heeled ankle boots —
the top and boots will bring out the spots, whereas leopard print shoes would have been too much.
With these top tips, you’ll have no trouble working those prints and patterns! The main thing to
remember is to wear what you feel confident in, change the fashion rules if you want to!

Thank you Quiz for writing a post for me. 

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