There are many brands I consider overrated when it comes to the world of beauty but none of them is as unappealing to me as Mac is. Here I go, I said it - I do not like Mac at all.

There are many reasons I do not like this brand and one of them is the price-quality ratio. I have given Mac more chances than I would give to any other brand and all of them were just lost. Mac is iconic for their lipstick, in particular, I will mention their Ruby Woo which I actually own. Since when it is ok to charge ­­­£17 for a lipstick that is comparable to any of the L'oreal and Rimmel lippies I can get three times cheaper I am not saying the Mac lipsticks are bad, I just do not think they are worth more than a tenner.
I've also tried Mac foundations and powder and their performance is just painfully average and definitely not worth £25 per item.

Another issue I have with Mac is their shady statements on Animal testing. Before I dig into this, I am not vegan or animal activist and as much I try to limit my makeup that is tested on animals, I am not too fussed (please, keep your opinions on this matter to yourself, thank you). However, I am not too sure how to feel about the greyness of the Mac statements on animal testing and being "cruelty-free". First of all, they stated on their website that they do not test on animals, however, some governments require the testing before selling it. So do they test on animals or not? They sell their products in China and according to the Chinese law, the cosmetics have to be tested on animals before selling. From Mac's statement, it is unclear whether they are just "washing their hands" and saying they do not test on animals but someone else may have or if it is actually Mac testing on animals but it does not matter because the makeup is tested on animals either way.

As I said, I am not an animal activist, but at least grab some balls and admit what are you doing. Keep your shady politician-like statements and just be honest ffs.

And last but not least is the weird experience in the Mac store. If you are employed by Mac, please, do not get offended, I am just sharing my personal experience with some of the employees that were not too pleasant and I may just have been unlucky.

I personally find the Mac stores very very intimidating. Every time, I have visited a Mac store, I have not been treated very well apart from one visit (it was my first time in Mac store nearly four years ago and the girl was really lovely). When I am on a hunt for a new foundation I usually tend to go to the makeup store without any makeup just to be sure the foundation matches my skin well. For any reason, to some makeup employees, it is a sign that I am probably not interested in makeup and I can just f. off (I have experienced this in other stores as well. Hello Dior lady, I remember you). 

After nearly begging for some attention I have been assisted by a girl who had no interest in being there and I really felt like a filth when I was "served" by her. Next time I went in, I was looking to buy a lipstick for my friend for her birthday and I was not sure which colour I want to buy so I was just looking and comparing. In this case, I got the way too much attention as another employee asked me what am I looking for and I explained the situation and now I am just deciding which shade I am gonna buy. The moment I said so, the girl started pushing me a lot to choose ASAP and leave. I hate being pressured so I just pointed at one of the lipstick and since I wanted to buy myself one lippie as well, I grabbed two of those (I did not even like the colour after all).

To many of you, I may seem too demanding when it comes to the customer service but I am really not. I have worked in the retail before, I worked in services and bars and I am a very understanding person but at the same time, I have zero patience for bs because I have seen it all. And again, I may just have been unlucky with my experiences but so far, I am not impressed and honestly, I have not been in Mac store for two years because I associate it with an unpleasant experience.

So what do you think? Do you like Mac? What popular brand you don't really like?

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  1. super článok :) je jedno či ho mám rada alebo nie...palec hore za to, že si nemala problém povedať svoj názor takto verejne :P v mnohých veciach máš recht ! :)

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    1. děkuju moc, jsem ráda, že se najdou i ti, kteří tu upřímnost ocení :)