Mother’s Day is just behind the corner and if you love your mum as much as I do love mine, I am sure, you are looking for something nice, that would make her smile because she deserves all the best in the world. Although we all know, our mums deserve their own island and nothing less, not everyone has an income of Kim Kardashian and we will have to settle down a little bit.

I have teamed up with few companies and created a Mothers Day gift guide for all budgets you may have. And just to confirm this post is legit, my mum approved all of those possible presents.

You Said It Cards -

I will start with the card I have received from the You Said It card company. I am always looking for cards that are funny and different from anything you can get in common shops such as card factory and this online shop just took me by my heart.

My mum has a great sense of humour and I knew she is going to laugh when she sees this card(she did love it by the way!). You Said It creates all the kinds of cards, some of them are more offensive, some of them are very mild. I am sure everyone will find their match in their Mother's day collection. Other than the cards, this company is selling quite honest badges, mugs and mirrors.

Prestige Flowers -

As I women, I can assure you, you will never go wrong with a flower as a present. Prestige Flowers is a flower delivery company and I totally fell in love with them. I have received this beautiful bouget with a lovely teddy bear and most importantly  CHOCOLATE!

You can order the flowers and upgrade them with other presents such as Chocolate, Vase, Wine or my personal favourite - gin! Absolutely perfect for the Mothers Day and other occasions. Just look for yourself at their Mothers Day Range.

There are many similar companies and I have tried few of them and so did my mum(when she sent me flowers for my exams) and no other company impressed me or her as much as this one. I know, they have sent the flowers on Friday or Saturday and it was delivered on Monday, however, I was able to pick them up on Tuesday. Thats at least 72 hours sitting without someone taking care of the flowers! And the flowers still look very fresh and beautiful. 

I could name several companies, that I have purchased flowers from(and they were not any cheaper!) and the flowers would not survive 24 hours delivery. I am very very impressed.

PS: The chocolate is delicious, I ate it within 24 hours and I am not even sorry about it. -

As a beauty blogger, I could not leave my favourite beauty shop out of this list. I am a massive fan of their perfumes since they are real and affordable just imagine buying that pricey perfume your mum is in love with on your student budget.

I think this Agent Provocateur perfume is just perfect! For me, it is little too heavy, but I can imagine many mums wearing something similar. However, if this is not your mummys perfect match, offers many other popular perfumes and perfume sets.

Other than that, I have created a little list of products that will help your mum transfer her bathroom into a luxurious home spa. And all of them together are less than 21 pounds Thai Massage Aroma Diffuser from THD, Levander Fields Bath Bomb from Soaphoria, Harmony Nourishing body scrub from Barwa, Magic Spa Mystery Bath Foam and Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Facial Mask from Avon. However, if this is nothing you would like, you may love the mini-perfumes sets or just check Notino's list of gifts for women

I have received this wonderful Mothers Day bag full of candle waxes of all kinds and I just love it. There are many scents and some of them are inspired by famous perfumes I found a Jimmy Choo melt in my bag and It is just brilliant. I also saw a room spray Black Opium on their website and I am very tempted to order it just to smell, how similar it is to my actual YSL Black Opium.

If you do not want to spend either £20 or £30 for a gift set, you can always pick your own favourites – the starting price is only £1 and therefore you can get loads of products for less than £10. My personal favourite is, however, this Paint the town red Scoopable wax and I am wondering whether the name was actually inspired by the game Paint the town red.

Anyway, if you are a fan of candles(or your mum is), this may be the perfect present for her. If you would like to give it a try, use my code HONEY30 to get 30% off your order.  

Thank you for your attention. I also have a giveaway on my Instagram, so don't forget to check it out! 

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  1. Skvělý článek! Já mamce většinou kupuji hlavně květiny a pak nějakou kosmetiku:).
    Windy pink style

    1. Děkuji! Já většinou kytku a něco sladkého na zub, ale letos toho díky PR balíčkům dostane víc :D

  2. Skvelé tipy. A kytica ja nádherná :) Ja väčšinou kupujem nejakú kozmetiku a niečo sladké :)

    AN Beauty Blog