For many people, Valentines day is a day full of depression. The love is in the air and to some people, it may be a reminder of something they are missing no matter if you are single or in an unhappy relationship, I just want to remind you, why is Valentines day one of the best days in the year.

Valentines day deals
Since Valentines day is more commercial than any other time of the year it is worse (or better?) than Christmas. This, of course, brings the good side of the capitalism   competition. Brands, bars, shops and restaurants are going to be fighting for your attention because they want you to spend the money on their stuff. This is usually meant as a present for your loved one but lets be honest, I would love to know how many guys are going to buy you the Heat Palette from Urban Decay you have been looking at for a while now no matter how cheap it is. On the other hand, you can buy a present for yourself. I believe, that if a girl wants something, she should not wait for some guy to buy for her we are independent and powerful enough to pay for our own shit but at this time of the year, we can be independent and not completely broke (because you know as much as I do, that we would buy it anyway). And do not forget about the amount of chocolate that is literally everywhere.

Limited edition stuff
I dont know how about you, but nothing beats limited editions. No matter if its sweets or cosmetics. I have recently bought the Rose Prosecco Fizz hand soap and body lotion from Baylis and Harding and it smells like a heaven. However, it is a limited edition so you can treat yourself with similar better than usual products only once in a year.

Post Valentines day sales
I am not the person who would go to Ann Summers and spent £60 on underwear. I am more like the Primark kind of girl; however, my boobs are too big to be comfy and good-looking in Primark bra and occasionally, I have to buy myself something pricier from the higher quality shops. The month after Valentines day is my time. Bras (or thons with a hole at the bottom) on sale everywhere. And you know how I spoke about the limited-edition stuff? Since it is not relevant anymore, the shops will have to get rid of it. And what does it mean? SALES!

I hope you liked this post. Just enjoy Valentines day as much as possible, no matter if you in a relationship or not. As you can see, there is always something positive for everyone. Treat yourself with some good chocolate and just take it easy.

What are your plans for tomorrow anyway? 


  1. Limitované edice jsou prostě vždycky nejlepší:D.
    Windy pink style

  2. Já prostě Valentýn miluju. I když to dycky vyjde tak, že mi chybí ten princ na bílém koni.:D Valentýn si prostě užívám. Teda letos to bylo už den před Valentýnem, ale i tak.
    Myslím, že nezadané holky (a i někteří kluci) si ten Valentýn ještě víc hnusí. A to, že jsou sami... Ať se na to vykašlou a něco si koupí a nebo ať ho stráví s přáteli, mazlíčkem, rodinou - je to jedno.

    1. Přesně tak! Valentýn není jen o tom, mít někoho od koho dostanu puget a bonbonieru - hold bych si jí musela koupit sama no, ale jde o to, že ta čokoláda bude v obchodech v akci, žejo.