No matter how big your account is, your numbers have dropped due to the Instagrams algorithm. I could rant about this for hours and I am sure many other bloggers could relate, but lets take a deep breath and talk about the things I wish I have known regarding Instagram.
I founded my blog Instagram around the end of 2015, however, I have started properly using it in April 2017. I have improved since then and I have gained many experiences regarding the social media and zucker-suckering itself. I want to discuss the steps I have made in the past year just to give you an insight and maybe some advice about the Instagram world.

1)     Follow for follow is NOT the way to do it

When I started using my account, it was purely to promote my blog. I never intended having to create content for Instagram only. However, to promote my blog on my Instagram, I had to have some followers. How to get them? Hashtags? Not anymore, apparently. Follow for follow? Yes! I would go to the accounts of some Czech YouTubers that are our equivalent of Zoella and Alfie and I started following their followers. Those kids would follow back most of the time.

What is wrong with this scenario? First of all, they are kids and you may come across as a weirdo following so many kids that will actually start sending you videos in private messages and other things. Second, if they follow a person they do not know and do not care about, how many people do you think they follow? A lot! Lets say they follow around 1000 people. Instagram is going to show them lets be generous, 20% of what those people post in a day. There are not many chances they will show them my pictures unless they fell in love with my content and liked all my pictures once they followed me. This led me to unfollow spree although I do not like unfollowing I had to do it. I had to get rid of those kids that can get me into trouble by sending me their videos and I also wanted to clear my feed to be able to see pictures I actually want to see aka content of other bloggers.
So before you accuse someone with 4k followers and only 120 likes per picture that they have bought their followers, just think about this for a second ok? Plus, I do not have this kind of money to buy my followers lol.

2)     Boost will go away eventually

Speaking of numbers. There was a point when I had around 2k followers and twice higher reach and engagement on my pictures than I have now although the quality of my content was much worse than it is now. I am not sure what happened, but literally, overnight everything dropped by half and now it is really hard to get back. I think Instagram is giving everyone some sort of boost at the start and once you reach some certain point, you have to actually work hard on your content to get the numbers rather than them boosting your crappy posts. Regarding this topic, I would recommend watching Pewdiepies video where he talks about the cut from youtube after the Jake Pauls situation. I could not agree more.  

3)     Quality matters

As I already mentioned, the original purpose of my Instagram was to promote my blog. Over the months it evolved into something else. Sometimes I take pictures for Instagram only and I actually care about the quality of my content. Majority of the pictures I post on my IG are actually from my camera rather than my phone and it made a huge difference. I am sure, you have seen it too(if you are following me for a while). I started getting many shoutouts from many people which is one of the best feelings, I promise. If someone likes your content to the extent that they feature you on their websites, twitters or Instagrams, it feels absolutely amazing.

4)     If you dont ask, you wont get

Do not be afraid to ask. I spoke about getting shoutouts from other Instagrammers do not be afraid to ask. If you are new in this game and post catchy content, many people will give you a shoutout in Instagram stories because we all have been in your position however, do not get angry if I refuse to share your Instagram full of blurry pictures of your cat. If I like it, I will do so, ok?

5)     Content over the numbers

I am sure this is the outcome of this post you are getting anyway. Numbers are nothing compared to the content. If you want to get collaborations, tag brands in your posts, they may get in touch with you(this is how I started working with If they will see some potential in your content, the numbers are not going to bother them much. Obviously, this is not the case with all companies, some of them look only at the number of followers and thats it for them but not all of them are like this.
By the way, lets talk about companies looking for number only this is the reason I do get why some people buy their followers. First of all, some companies do not care that you have three likes at the picture from 20k followers they will give you a contract anyway. Second, when you come across them, you have the feeling that they are someone successful and follow them anyway at least I do sometimes, especially if I do not open their picture to check how much is the algorithm playing with them.

I hope this has helped you although it is not bullet points list of dos and donts. I just wanted to give you some insight into my Instagram world. 

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