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A while ago I had an excellent opportunity to try exfoliating socks from Footner. I have to admit I have never tried anything like it before so I had no clue what to expect.

I received this beautiful box containing one set of socks, breathable nail polish and a couple of toe separators with a nail file. I, unfortunately, could not try the breathable nail polish as I have bad nail and I should not put anything chemical on them but from IG stories I know this has been the product that you wanna try. Overall, I loved the box and I have to say that I absolutely love when a brand leaves a personal note when they send some pr products. 

Now, let's move onto the socks. The box contained one set of ready-to-use socks that were made out of foil filled with some liquid. I am not gonna lie, it stinks badly and I was hesitant to put my feet in for a whole hour. Once I did, it was not too bad. After a few minutes, it did not even feel weird and I kinda forgot I have the socks on. When I removed them, I rinsed my feet immediately and at first, I did not see any difference apart from wrinkly toes. However, two days after the skin from my feet started to peel off... a lot! I did not take any pictures of it (it was gross!!!) which I regret now but I found a blogger that has a post on her IG with a video showing her feets :) >here<

I genuinely kept losing massive chunks of my skin when I was walking around the flat and this kept going on until all the layer of skin covering both of my feet was gone. The whole process of peeling took roughly seven days. I was worried that my feet will become quite "raw". This did not happen and after ten days my feet felt nice, soft and smooth. I swear my feet did not look and felt like this since I was a baby haha. 

Now, how does it work? The socks contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which pretty much remove the "glue" between the skin cells so the dead skin will come off easily. It is a natural process and the acids just speed it up little so you do not have to worry. The socks also contain moisturisers that will keep the feet nice and soft. It is important to mention that the socks are free from perfumes and parabens and they target only the dead cells, not the healthy ones.

The Nailner Breathable Nail Polish is available from Boots for £11,99.

Would I recommend? Hell yes! My heel never felt so soft (I am a retired dancer/cheerleader, my feet looked rough before). I think it is rather pricey, however, the socks are supposed to be used only once per 2-3 months so it works out alright. If you are looking for a decent feet exfoliator, look no more. Footner will take good care of your feet.

You can buy the Footner Exfoliating socks from Boots or Superdrug for £19,99. More info can be found at myfootner.co.uk

Have you tried these socks? What do you think?


  1. I have always been curious about foot peeling products. Now I'm sold on these socks. What an amazing product! I'll definitely be trying these! Thank you for sharing xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Let me know how are you getting on with these socks 😊

  2. To vypadá krásně, já mám nohy dost dodrbané, takže by se mi to hodilo!

    Tereza's journal

    1. Jako.. výsledek je fakt parádní ☺️

  3. Wau, tento produkt ma zaujal, niečo podobné som už mala a bolo to super. :) Inak nádherný blog, dávam odber. :)


  4. Nič podobné som ešte neskúšala, ale skvelý nápad - jednoduché a účinné :)
    What A Fancy World

  5. Doteď jsem nevěděla, že přesně tohle potřebuju. :D ♥

  6. Raz by som si mala nakúpiť samé takéto produkty a poriadne sa zregenerovať a uvoľniť. :D Pekná recenzia. ;)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage