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AD - Products mentioned in this post were gifted

Since the lockdown started I kind of forgot how much I like to dress up. I usually just wear sweatpants and extra-large t-shirt since I rarely leave a house these days. However, when I was approached by Femme Luxe with a collab opportunity, I finally got the nudge to dress up again. And boy, it felt really good. Girls just like to dress up from time to time. 

I picked three pieces of clothing, two dresses and one t-shirt. The delivery was prompt despite the covid-19 related delays which was a really refreshing change for once (ok, it is not too bad, most shops are actually not really affected but some would let you wait for nearly a month). The package arrived wrapped in a plastic bag with the company name printed on it. Compared to the last time I worked with Femme Luxe, this time it felt like a proper clothes store delivery. I was impressed.

Lucky enough, all my picks fitted quite well (despite one of the dresses not being the most flattering fashion item I own) but If you are deciding between two sizes, go for the bigger one. The clothes will stretch out even if you would get the smaller size, but just for the sake of comfort and overall look, I would recommend the larger one. 

I fell in love with the first dress instantly. I was not sure if this dress is going to look nice on me considering it is a bodycon dress with a belt and me not being a supermodel but I think it turned out the best it could.  The wine colour is right, the fit is fantastic and even the length is spot on (if you are as tall as I am, you know the struggle). I am beyond excited about this dress and I am tempted to buy this dress in black and/or white colour. I just feel very classy when I am wearing it. And the material is alright too. I cannot wait to go for a nice dinner or even a drink wearing this dress once the lockdown is fully lifted.  

The second dress was a bit of a fail. This was probably the first time in my life I genuinely thought to myself “damn Veronika, you are the way too old to wear this”. I know some of you may say that it is perfectly acceptable to wear a dress like this at the age of 25 but I just feel like a granny trying to fit in with the young kids. And I do not really think I have the body to pull this well. This is just not the dress for me, however, I like when others wear this kind of 90s dresses. If I only got a dress like this six years ago when I was a wee bit younger and skinnier. Another issue is that this dress is quite see-through between my legs (as you can clearly see in the picture). 

The last but not least is this gorgeous t-shirt with a sign. I love wearing simple t-shirts like this in combination with skirts and culottes. Simple, comfy and fashionable. On top of it all, you can express any mood or message you want with these t-shirts. I picked the t-shirt saying "In a world where you can be anything. be kind" because I believe that a simple act of kindness can change the world. It would really not hurt us to be nicer to each other these days. What do you think? 

T-shirt Femme Luxe

And that's all from me today. What did you think? You can easily guess my favourite - yes, it is the first dress but I really like the t-shirt too. The second dress was a miss but that happens sometimes. I have to say I am quite impressed with Femme Luxe. Two years ago, their clothes were horrible (material-wise) and I was very hesitant to accept this collab, but I gave them a second chance. It paid off. The materials are much nicer (although the second dress is still see-through) and even the selection is more... I would say wearable. So well done Femme Luxe.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment x. 


  1. Ty jsi nádherná!! 😊 Všechno ti moc sluší! ♥️

  2. Wow, tie úplne prvé šaty sú teda mega bomba. :)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage