If you are less than 18, I would reconsider reading this post. It contains a strong languaege and very inappropriate example of human behaviour. Please do not get inspired by this post unless you are ready to take a responsibility for your actions. 

Alright, I may not be the best person to give you any advice regarding the dating life however, I think that at this point, I can share some of my dating experiences with you. Earlier this year I wrote a post about my worst first-date of them all when the boy asked me to buy him cigarettes because he has spent all his money on me(he bought me an ice cream although I said I do not want any). I was sixteen. I have not translated that story but I don't really want to be coming back to it again because it was just cringy. 
Anyway, I am twenty-three, my wild years are most likely over and being in a relationship for nearly two years, I think I can share some stories. This post is not going to be translated to Czech mainly because my family reads my blog and you know, they do not have to know everything. 

I have never been a type who would be really popular amongst the boys. First, I looked like a boy for a majority of my childhood and puberty hit me quite badly too. When I grew up and became to be probably a little bit more attractive compared to my awful puberty myself, I struggled with an eating disorder so boys were not my main interest considering that for a while I was not able to look at myself in a mirror not even speaking about letting someone see my body in underwear. 
However, I hit 18 and something just changed and my hormones just would not let me rest. I gained more confidence and boom boooys everywhere. Shocking to me, I have never received so much attention from guys until that point. Anyway, when I was nineteen I was in a situation when I was seeing two guys at once which sounds horrible but it really was not because It was a month before me moving to Scotland so no one was really hurt because it was not really dating or relationship, not even close. 

The issue was, they knew each other which made a situation very "on the edge". I was sure that by the point they will realise, I will be long gone. The only reason I actually ended up in this situation, was simply my thirst for a revenge. There was something poetic about meeting a guy at the bar who was quite mean to me when I was 13 because as I already mentioned, I was not exactly the beauty queen of my school. There were quite a few drinks that night, therefore I am nor sure how it happened but we ended up kissing whole night which was fun, The problem was I was seeing the other guy already - seeing, well, let's be honest, we just fucked. 

The poetic thing was, the school guy seemed to be quite into me. He invited me over to his house week after where we were supposed to Netflix and Chill. But you know what we actually did? We watched a movie - I honestly have no idea what did we watch anymore but the main point is when the movie end, I just got up and left which was quite disappointing even for me but I had to keep it strong because of the revenge - yes I was a bit melodramatic back then. I also mentioned that we went to school together which he did not recall at all - he probably lied because he knew he was being an ass to me. 

Anyway, the peak of this two guys period when I had my leaving party - and trust me, you do not want to hear anything about my leaving party apart from the fact that both of those guys showed up which was quite awkward as you can definitely imagine. Thank God for those ten jaegerbombs I had in my system by the time both of them arrived. 
There was actually no bad blood surprisingly, probably neither of us was sober enough or cared enough. 

Anyway, I left few days after and that how it finished. This was probably my only experience of seeing more than one guy at once. I actually had three dates in one day just a week after when I moved to Scotland but it was just one date so it does not really count. My point is, do not do it. Unless those guys were treating you like a piece of crap at some point in your life and you are not emotionally attached to neither of them. Then it is ok although you will end up being the same garbage as they are.  

Please, do not be offended, I am not really proud of it. I just wanted to do some storytelling. If you would like to hear some more disastrous stories, let me know in the comments.

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